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Hair today, gone tomorrow!

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As shared, my Mumbai theatrical ‘debut‘ had two challenges:

  1. Sonam's soiree cut... Much longer than current length!

    Sonam’s soiree cut… When my hair was LONG!

    Costume Crisis – The brilliant Belinda Bawa rescued with a fabulous 1890s western women’s costume!

  2. Short hair – For ‘outdoor’ scenes, Belinda’s instantly crafted hat was perfect! However for my indoor scenes… something had to be done about my scandalously short locks!

I’m lucky to have a talented young stylist friend. When learning her craft, I was her ‘guinea pig’ (model) – and she even won her final exam ‘soiree’!

Sonam Singh - Hair magician!

Sonam Singh aka hair magician!

These days she works for b:blunt salon – mostly supporting magazine and film shoots.

But short hair is short hair.

Simple! Get a wig – right?

Turns out all wigs are not created equally… synthetic ones can’t be styled and as for the colour?

Do yourself a favour – don’t bother trying to track down an affordable silver / blonde / brown long-haired wig in Mumbai!

What to do? Turns out my young friend is remarkably talented.

By hair trickery, a couple ‘donuts’, curling tongs and a can of hairspray, she transformed my short locks to a remarkable approximation of a lady with long hair, fastened up in a bun.

Can you believe what she accomplished? From a distance, it was spot on! Thank you Sonam!!

Tons of product, donuts and hair trickery!

Fake long hair in a bun

As for my 1st challenge? Check out “Costume Crisis“!

Bottom line – I’m one lucky gal with fabulous friends!!

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  1. ottominuti says:

    Woooooooooow!!!!This is so funny, the whole thing! Lucky you!

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