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Hair today, gone tomorrow!

As shared, my Mumbai theatrical ‘debut‘ had two challenges:

  1. Sonam's soiree cut... Much longer than current length!

    Sonam’s soiree cut… When my hair was LONG!

    Costume Crisis – The brilliant Belinda Bawa rescued with a fabulous 1890s western women’s costume!

  2. Short hair – For ‘outdoor’ scenes, Belinda’s instantly crafted hat was perfect! However for my indoor scenes… something had to be done about my scandalously short locks!

I’m lucky to have a talented young stylist friend. When learning her craft, I was her ‘guinea pig’ (model) – and she even won her final exam ‘soiree’! (more…)


Costume Crisis!

Word of warning – before saying ‘yes,’ find out what’s involved!

While my Mumbai theatrical ‘debut‘ was a success… I had two challenges:

  1. Costume Crisis – 1890s western women’s costumes are not easily available and – ahem – fuller figured females limited in what they can borrow!
  2. Short hair – Not exactly ‘fashionable’ in the 1890s…
Costume Crisis - Help!

Costume Crisis – Help!

So what? With our theatre connections  – surely someone has something that will work! (more…)

Mumbai Theatrical Debut!

Part of my recent blogging ‘disappearing act’ is because I made my Mumbai acting ‘debut’!

Most would know that stage and film is my partner’s profession.

Onno Vivekananda

Onno Vivekananda

Few would know that there was a time when I flirted with this too. Waaaay back 30 years ago, along with regular school, I also attended Prairie Theatre Exchange‘s theatre school. Acted in a couple plays, did a TV commercial, taught drama education as a summer job and even landed a Drama Award.

No I wasn’t a drama queen – just enjoyed stage work. You could say I came by it naturally as I grew up  hanging out backstage as my mother donned costumes and make-up to go under the bright lights to sing her operatic heart out at the concert hall.

However I left that all behind decades ago until a friend persuaded me to help out a local Bengali community theatre group with a play on Swami Vivekananda. An amateur production with a director who has spent 20+ years writing & putting on plays raising charitable funds for both a cancer patients and girls education – worthy causes indeed! (more…)

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