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Happy Canada Day!



According to the powers that be, I’ve spent too many years away from the land of my birth. I’m officially a non-resident which means a couple elections ago I lost the right to vote. I also seem to have dropped off the official Canadian Consulate invite ‘list’ for the local Mumbai Canada Day celebrations.

However I’m super excited that in just 2 sleeps, we’ll be heading to Canada. To me, the heart of any place is the people and can’t wait to soon be visiting family and friends – I miss you folks!

Thanks to the generosity of my sister and her partner, we’ll have a gathering on Sunday and if the weather gods are kind – that may even mean a barbecue! 🙂

So Happy Birthday Canada and look forward to celebrating with you soon!

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  1. Brad Pragnell says:

    Love Russell Peters’ joke about “hamburgers and hot dogs” as typical of Canadian barbeque. My Australian partner was a bit traumatised by this as the Aussie barbeque is more likely to have lamb, chicken and seafood. The Ambrosia salad (particularly the mini marshmallows) were also a source of wonder and amusement!

    Have fun in the ‘Peg! I hope to get back soon as well.


    • Trust me… we long ago graduated beyond the typical Canuck BBQ – portabella mushroom grill is particularly yum! Never did like ambrosia salad however must admit that peanut butter mini marshmellow squares make me oddly sentimental.

      We are just waiting in Pearson Intl Airport for our WestJet flight to Winnipeg – delayed. 😦

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