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Thank you Canadian voters!

I’m a proud Canadian.

I’m proud of the values I grew up with – embracing cultures and communities of the world, religious persuasion, celebrating that love is the person not the gender… believing in universal healthcare, access to quality education, funding for the arts, creating opportunities to work together in harmony with civility and compassion.

Understanding a helping hand and a second chance can make a positive difference. Recognising we are merely renting space on this planet and responsibility for generations to come in our treatment of our environment. Believing in fairness, a commitment to scientific discovery, that an open honest debate makes us stronger. (more…)

NOTA vote for Maharashtra

Ding dong!” Since returning from Jakarta, the doorbell kept ringing with the latest candidate soliciting votes.

All were taken aback to discover a firangi (foreigner) in their midst… and therefore obviously someone who cannot vote.

While I was off in Indonesia, Maharashtra’s chief minister stepped down triggering elections.

And there wasn’t much of a choice: (more…)

Mute – Screaming Silently

I love this crazy maddening country India that I live in… however, as a  ‘firangi’ (foreigner), I cannot vote and therefore, have no say.

Often this makes me feel mute – not having the right to voice my opinions and frustration at certain situations. Or more positively, am restricted against playing a direct role in being part of any kind of political change. Fair enough, I chose to retain the citizenship of my birth – Canada, so this is the result.

This morning, my partner forwarded a marvellous film short that speaks to this. “Mute” is by a new company based literally around the corner for us called Handloom Picture Company. And while it directly talks of our circumstances in Mumbai, there is a universality to many elements in the message – it is worth checking out. (more…)

Losing the right to vote?

While not always the case, for many of us that chose to embrace the world unfettered by the borders of our birth… we give up a few things along the way… like the right to vote.

Many Manitoba provincial and Canadian federal elections ago I lost the right to exercise my democratic ‘right.’ And while I may have lived a decade + in India, that alone would never bestow any rights to participate in elections here.

Yet if I COULD vote who WOULD I vote for?? (more…)

O Canada!

Happy Canada Day!



According to the powers that be, I’ve spent too many years away from the land of my birth. I’m officially a non-resident which means a couple elections ago I lost the right to vote. I also seem to have dropped off the official Canadian Consulate invite ‘list’ for the local Mumbai Canada Day celebrations.

However I’m super excited that in just 2 sleeps, we’ll be heading to Canada. To me, the heart of any place is the people and can’t wait to soon be visiting family and friends – I miss you folks!

Thanks to the generosity of my sister and her partner, we’ll have a gathering on Sunday and if the weather gods are kind – that may even mean a barbecue! 🙂

So Happy Birthday Canada and look forward to celebrating with you soon!

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