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Happy Canada Day!!

For the first time in 13 years, I’m actually in Canada on Canada Day!

We are celebrating at my partner’s sister’s home in Toronto (ok – actually Brampton) with folks dropping by all day and evening. What better way than to celebrate with family and friends?

#ExploreCanada, Vancouver 2015 (Everyday Asia)

#ExploreCanada, Vancouver 2015 (Everyday Asia)

For all you Canadians in Canada and abroad – enjoy your Canada Day celebrations!

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Iconic Images – O Canada!

I was in Mumbai for the Canada Day celebration this year (conveniently held on Friday in advance of 1 July!).

This year they added a fun little gimmick – a photo taken in front of a Niagara Falls backdrop as a little ‘gift’. They even provided those bright yellow rain jackets that one typically sees on the Maid of the Mist.

It has been much more than a decade since I visited Niagara Falls – 1997 I think! Like many of the world’s iconic sights – it truly is remarkable.

As for where I actually am right now? Let’s see if you can follow this….

Translation? Kick off in Bombay, pass through Kuala Lumpur on my way to Japan… then on to Shanghai, KL again and back home to amcchi Mumbai!

Right now? I’m mid-way through this trip in Tokyo at the moment. It is my first trip to Japan and I’m trying to squeeze as much experience in as possible alongside work in my short 2 days / 2 nights! Suggestions welcome! 🙂


O Canada!

Happy Canada Day!



According to the powers that be, I’ve spent too many years away from the land of my birth. I’m officially a non-resident which means a couple elections ago I lost the right to vote. I also seem to have dropped off the official Canadian Consulate invite ‘list’ for the local Mumbai Canada Day celebrations.

However I’m super excited that in just 2 sleeps, we’ll be heading to Canada. To me, the heart of any place is the people and can’t wait to soon be visiting family and friends – I miss you folks!

Thanks to the generosity of my sister and her partner, we’ll have a gathering on Sunday and if the weather gods are kind – that may even mean a barbecue! 🙂

So Happy Birthday Canada and look forward to celebrating with you soon!

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