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Celebration time!

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We landed in Vancouver a few days ago and were hosted by the closest I have to a brother and his partner of 18 years. Even though he was full-on with organising the upcoming Pride events, my adopted brother still threw us a fabulous BBQ gathering of friends and made time to hang and enjoy. That’s love, that’s family.

It isn’t to say friends haven’t struggled, but growing up gay in Canada is an entirely different proposition than in other parts of the world where public marriages and very closeted private encounters is a survival mechanism. Where being honest with yourself about whom you love is illegal. That’s not love.

So today – let’s celebrate that our LGBTTQ friends south of the border finally have the right to not only love who they want, but can even commit through marriage to their partner if they so chose.

I only hope that one of these days, India (and other countries) will finally take a step forward and decriminalize same-sex love. Then take another step forward and recognise gay partnerships on the same footing as heterosexual ones.

After all – all you need is love!

Love (Everyday Asia)

Love in Tokyo, July 2014 (Everyday Asia)

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  1. Yes yes yes! I was so happy when I read this news. Vancouver weather pretty fabulous eh? We’re here at the moment, dogsitting for a married gay couple, and we have family visiting from Montreal so lots of summer fun in the sun 🙂

    • Could not have asked for more gorgeous days in Vancouver! We even managed to catch a wee bit of the Jazz fest too before continuing on to Winnipeg. How fab you have a base there for a bit plus an opportunity to see family. Enjoy!!!

  2. Yahoo! Very exciting times. And that Love must be from Tokyo. 🙂

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