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The “Real” Mentalist – Lior Suchard

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I’m a closet TV series addict. As much as we enjoy being out n about, nothing beats curling up at home and watching a good show. Or occasionally even a not so good show. 😉

The Mentalist Poster

The Mentalist Poster

And sometimes all you crave is fluffy filler type stuff – predictable shows following a formula that you can follow without full attention.

So, as I’ve been doing a variety of mundane tasks at home, my current companion is The Mentalist.

It is perfect – enough dialogue to follow without really watching. Between various updates, I can glance up and watch for a bit then get back to the main task at hand.

A bit of an irony considering the premise of the series is a brilliant guy (Simon Baker) who is able to solve crimes through his powers of observation and mental manipulation.

It also accepts that with these elements, adding a dash of distraction, a drop or two of research, one gives the impression of having psychic powers.

So when invited to see real live mentalist – Lior Suchard – how could I resist? Especially as it was a private function with promise of single malt and good food!

As my partner was off shooting a film in Kolkata, I persuaded a friend to join.

So who was Lior’s 1st victim… ahem… audience participant? Naturally my young, attractive, clearly confident Harvard grad Amercian friend! Who did her show stealing best and suitably warmed up the room.

Lior's 1st victim... ahem volunteer

Lior’s 1st victim… ahem volunteer

Her challenge? To think of a name… which he figured out… And trust me, no one other than her knew this person in the room.

Is it true?

Is it true?

One of the other tricks was to ask a volunteer to think of a number, write it down and then count down from 10 while Lior wrote the number.

It was a speed demon count down and Lior filled the sheet of paper with numbers… to then have each row add up to the number – including diagonally.

Numbers game...

Numbers game…

Check it out.. they all add up to 91!

Check it out... all adds up to 91

Check it out… all adds up to 91

Even though we know there is a trick or two that enables the collective gasps of surprise, it certainly made for an amusing evening!

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  1. brothervern says:

    I would like to go to something like that. I remember a guy called Kreskin (or something like it), who was often a guest on talk shows when I was a kid. He was very believable.

  2. He sounds like my favourite, Darren Brown (UK). They can do some amazing stuff!

  3. Anna says:

    OMG I watched ALL of Mentalist over my Christmas holidays. I still cant warm up to Patrick, tho Lisbon is the sweetest. Ugh, he is such a punk >.<

    • Haha! Lisbon has also always been the draw for me too! Think I was on my Mentalist marathon around the same time as you… now keeping up with the current season which is oddly flat since the two of them finally ‘got together’. Last season and has that sense about it too – time to bid adieu.

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