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A girl has to eat! Dinning at KL Tower

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Other than Sunday off, we really did just work, work and work on the KL project. Was a terrific assignment, great client, most enjoyable activities… however there were few opportunities to slip away and explore Kuala Lumpur.

But a gal has gotta eat! And if you have limited time in a place, may as well make the most of it!

View of tower from the ground...

View of tower from the ground…

And what better place than to treat ourselves to a night out at Atmosphere 360 – that bulbous top part of the Kuala Lumpur Tower.

And it was worth it!

For buffet fare, the food was quite delightful.

Atmosphere 360' table...

Atmosphere 360′ table…

And the view really is spectacular. My photos do not do justice at all…

While it was completely touristy, am very glad my colleague said “Let’s just go!”

View of the Petronas Towers

View of the Petronas Towers

Any other shamelessly touristy things you’ve done recently?

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  1. A glass bottom boat ride last month just off Key West to see the reef 😉

  2. pollyheath says:

    I can see how great the view is! We went to a similar restaurant a few weeks ago that overlooked the center of Moscow — very cool!

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