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Watch out Kuala Lumpur… I’m on my way to you!

As shared, I’ve been distracted lately… and not just with the play

Good news! First consulting project of 2014 – yippee!

Even better news! I’m finally going to Malaysia. Though technically a country I had some responsibility for in my earlier work avatar, this is my first time physically in Kuala Lumpur.

Not so good news…. It will be a hectic project. From now until I get on a plane 16th February, there is one day ‘off’ – which I know will be used to catch up on preparations for the balance.

Even worse news… No scope for explorations outside of KL and likely limited within.

So… KL experts, what can’t I miss? The one or two absolutely under any circumstances must be experienced?!

Kuala Lumpur (Photo: www.geeksonaplane.com)

Kuala Lumpur (Photo: http://www.geeksonaplane.com)

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  1. Congrats!!!! Best of success with the project, hoping for the odd update when you can swing it.

    • Many thanks! Lots of ‘pans in the fire’ at the moment… too early to ‘announce’ anything yet but moving in a positive direction!

      As for updates… suspect will be few original posts… just a couple ones I’ve prepared in advance rather than have no posts for 2 1/2 weeks!

      • How terribly organised of you 🙂

        • I know well what lies ahead… get up at 6:30am… leave for office 7:45am… start training 8:30am til 6pm… prep for the next day til 11pm… zombie out with reading or TV til crash. Repeat! And repeat! Non-stop! Only Sunday, 9th Feb is ‘training free!’ However the prep will remain… But hey! Will be good work, well paid and I’m not complaining. Just know what to expect 🙂

  2. Thanks for liking my BuildingMyBento posts on Guatemala and Taiwan!

    As for KL, there’s nothing too pressing to see. I suppose typical recommendations would be the Petronas Towers (duh), Batu Caves and Chinatown, with night markets (for eating) and not taking taxis (because they will all rip you off) rounding out the top five. If you crave Arab/Persian food, check out the Bukit Bintang ‘hood (though you’d likely end up there anyway).

    • Thanks for the suggestions!

      Will see what makes sense… this is definitely work 1st kinda trip… however it would be a crying shame if I don’t do SOMETHING other than just work work work! No matter how enjoyable it may be… 🙂

  3. Expat Eye says:

    Good luck! Hope you manage to squeeze in a bit of blog faffery though 😉

  4. JoV says:

    Welcome to Malaysia. I was home last Christmas and New Year. The pressing one obviously is going to be the twin towers and the KL nightlife. Strongly suggest you get out and go up the hills to Genting Highlands for some cool air and visit one of the oldest casino in South East Asia, or down the same hills at Kuala Kubu Bahru the local call it KKB where you can do a bit of level 3 white water rafting, or head off on an hour journey to Kuala Selangor to see the Fireflies, which is near extinct and eat wonderful seafood at the fishing village. In KL, you can visit the Lake Gardens next to the National Museums, with orchid, deer and butterfly parks.

    • Twin towers we’re going to book tickets for Mon or Tues – tried to go but sold out til Sunday!

      As for the KL nightlife, with our gruelling schedule, sleep is a precious commodity. Otherwise I’m the 1st person to ask – where is a good place to see live bands? What other good night spots are there?

      We won’t have to be training on Sunday so that is the one day to check out parks and other sights in KL.

      Great suggestions and wish it was possible to pop out of KL but even Sunday isn’t fully “off” as we have several hours of preparations and suspect I’ll be in dire need of some serious downtime by then…. 😦

      When you were back over Xmas – did you get to any restaurants that really stood out as worth checking out?

      • JoV says:

        My family live in the suburban of KL, so to be far I am not a native of KL. But Malaysia is spoil for choice when it comes to good food. So whichever restaurants you walk into serving local food they are always good. Otherwise they stand no chance being in business because we are particular about our food. 😉

        Sounds like a busy schedule. Hope you find time to see more of KL and beyond!

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