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Urban Village – When did that happen?

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Lady of the Cakes has some great series like her ‘Cat Talk’ and ‘Street Snaps’. I can’t even come close to her perfect blend of photographic talent and genius wit!

However it inspires sharing the occasional random ‘snaps’… I’m particularly fascinated with the contradictions of places where urban and village life combine or collide.

In Mumbai, we live smack dab next to a “village” which I cut through on my way to the market. There are always interesting sights and, I’ll admit, I have a special fondness for the cats. One I’ve seen since she was a kitten. With all the travel in the last few months, hadn’t spotted her til the other day… in a somewhat compromising position… so simply had to share!


Minding my own business... checking out the world below...

Check out the poor tart with kittens below me…

I’ll never be that foolish!


Holy crap! I've got kittens?! And they are greedy suckers too!

Holy crap! When did that happen?!

And they are greedy suckers too!

I dunno about you, but she looks pretty startled with her current state to me. 🙂

Any before / after pics that amuse you? Care to share??

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  1. LOL, that is too funny!
    Aw, thanks for the plug… though you’ve gone over board just a bit there 😉

  2. pollyheath says:

    The look on her face in the second picture is hilarious! That should be the face of a safe sex campaign!

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