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Bangkok – Going once, twice, thrice!

Do you have a place where you have never quite managed to spend more than a couple of days?

In fairness to Thailand, I’ve yet to do justice to this remarkable country in even one trip! Without a doubt, food is fabulous, folks I’ve met terribly considerate and I’ve only had positive experiences. It is my fault I have yet to truly explore… (more…)


Auchentoshan, AnCnoc, Deanston, Tomatin

If I was in Mumbai right now (not Jakarta), would be enjoying sampling whiskies in our monthly private whisky club.   

Alas I’m missing it! So I have pulled out tasting notes from our ‘archives’ – courtesy of another member – as this was another evening I missed! The dratted down-side of travel 😉

Tasting Notes from April 2012

The evening was delightful with a very special malt selection comprising of Auchentoshan 12 year 40%, AnCnoc 40%, a not so common Deanston 46.3% and a Tomatin 21% received as a gift from the distiller. (more…)

Singleton, GlenDronach, All Malt, The Belgian Owl

Part of tasting notes from a monthly private whisky club in Mumbai, India. Our January 2014 session was cancelled, so pulled out brief notes from an earlier 2013 session – missed taking photos so have borrowed with credit to the source.

Tasting Notes from 16 May 2013

Following our standard format, we blind tasted samples before revealing the whisky. This month featured: Singleton, GlenDronach, All Malt and the Belgian Owl. (more…)

Glenfarclas special

Part of tasting notes from a monthly private whisky club in Mumbai, India. This session is from our ‘archives’ and was a special event hosted by the Four Seasons featuring Glenfarclas.

Tasting Notes from 24 Nov 2011

Our ever evolving evenings brought our intrepid whisky sipping souls to the Four Season for a special evening with George S Grant of Glenfarclas family. For those unfamiliar with this distillery, the following story may be of interest: (more…)

Glen Breton, Bruichladdich, Bunnahabhain

Part of a tasting notes series from a monthly private whisky club in Mumbai, India. This month was my turn to host and it was such a delight having folks home.

Tasting Notes from 22 August 2013

This month we blind tasted three samples before revealing the whisky. We featured: Glen Breton 10 year, Bruichladdich Rocks, Bunnahabhain 18 year with a desert ‘extra’ of White Owl Spiced.

“Home sweet home with nearly a full house”


The sounds of travel… death by baby wail!

Oh those innocent little tykes. Those big dark moist eyes. Those little fingers that fetchingly reach out. Cuteness incarnate until… Mouth opens wide and unleashes…. THE HOWL!!!!

Yes I've shamelessly borrowed this from an IDBI Fortis campaign - hope my friends there will forgive!

Yes I’ve shamelessly borrowed this from an IDBI Fortis campaign – hope my friends there will forgive!

There is something about flying in and out of India. For that matter most countries with a youthful demographic. There are always kids – LOTS of kids! And in some cases, they have the most amazing lung capacity. One sets another off and soon there is a symphony of screeching.

On my recent trip from Mumbai to Jakarta, I had their sweet serenade from the queue outside the airport, the wait to check-in, then the wait for immigration, followed by the wait for security so that even before stepping foot on the plane…  their lungs were clearly well-primed already for the coming concert. My head was throbbing in accompaniment long before we even took off!

These munchkins are champion caterwallers and – alas – can keep it up ALL night. Nothing can hold back the anguished wails. Noise cancellation headsets at ear bleeding levels cannot compete. (more…)

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