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Heat, dust and… shopping! Jodhpur style

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Yes – I opened Door No 1 and jumped on a plane to Jodhpur.

When folks think India, they have images of heat, dust, noise, colourful clothing, the shopping, palaces and forts. Jodhpur has that in spades!

Lucky me – my excuse for going to Jodhpur was to join my partner who is part of a film shooting there.

My first day, another member of the cast wanted to head out shopping. She had already sussed out a place that purports to do mostly bulk export trade with some local retail.

Now… I will admit… I’m not much of a shopper. Get me in and out quickly with whatever is needed and I’m a happy gal. Especially malls – shudder!

However there is something engaging about the more traditional trading banter… it was good fun joking, bargaining, swapping stories with the folks at this place.

Here goes a few photos from our shopping escapades…


Happy shop owner with all sorts of gorgeous shawl… even happier as about to be paid!

Proud owner

Anyone spot the incongruous machinery amidst the bric-a-brac?

2015-10-03 Brick-a-brack

Elephant shelves anyone?

2015-10-03 Elephants

Once upon a time these were part of elaborate kurtas… This piece belongs in a museum!

2015-10-03 Kurtas

Piles and piles of tapestries, wall hangings, bed covers, shawls and more…

2015-10-03 More wall hangings

Wish I had taken a close-up… the work was remarkable

2015-10-03 Rug

Not exactly modern day spinning classes…

2015-10-03 Spinning

Look round and round, wall hangings, tapestries, vests, fusion covers… oh my!

2015-10-03 Wall Hangings

For once, it was fun to be a tourist in a land where I long since stopped being a regular tourist decades ago.

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  1. Well in case you don’t have enough books you still can fill up some shelves with those elephants 🙂

  2. Shopping… I have to be in the mood. Not my preferred leisure activity. Can be fun with a friend. (Emphasis on *one* – it’s usually hellish in a group). Looks like you’ve had a good time 🙂

    • Yeah.. normally my idea of torture is shopping… however this was fun as it was short, sweet and with lots of conversations about the history of some of the museum piece (may have been slightly fabricated but made good stories!). 🙂

      Also helped that our shopping companion is a veteran of the London stage – remarkable woman so any time in her company is enjoyable with her cracking good humour and crazy life experience!

  3. margotowie says:

    How apt to add a tractor god to the pantheon. Keeping up with the Deities.
    Lovely post. Easy to miss all the color when caught up in daily life. Often takes fresh eyes to drag us out of it.

  4. Jodhpur certainly has great atmosphere, but I still vote Jaipur as the shopping destination. My personal favorite is Jaisalmer and Udaipur.

  5. Madhu says:

    Lovely post. Jodhpur is a shoppers paradise. I came close to breaking my no shopping rule there.

    • Hahaha! I kept ours to a min – a pashmina scarf for a friends upcoming birthday and a small leather pouch for our shopping companion, myself and a yet to be determined recipient! 😉

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