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Day trip to Haarlem

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Have you ever just gone on a wander? Hopped on a train and then walked and walked til you felt like stopping, did just that, then walked some more?

That was our day in Haarlem.

Haarlem Station

A short trip on the train from Amsterdam and then we wound our way around the streets of old Haarlem.

Haarlem streets

All the cobble stoned streets just begging to be walked…

Naturally there were stalls selling tulip bulbs…

Tulip bulbs

Tulip bulbs

And churches…

Grote kirk

Grote kirk

Including a rocking dude in the Market…

Check out the rocking dude

Yo man!

A boat motoring along the Spaarne river…

Walking along the canal...

Walking along the canal…

Even ‘old style’ with no motor…

Feeling like sailing away...

Feeling like sailing away?

And if we got lost… lots of handy signs to point us in the right direction…

Oops! I'm lost...?

Oops! Can you tell me how to get to…?

As we were in Holland… we simply had to check out the molen de Adriaan on the Koudenhorn. It may not be the original from 1779 but it still was picture perfect from all angles.

Now how perfectly Dutch

Now how perfectly Dutch

Nearby was an interesting dome building… We were wondering what it was… and a gal on the train back shared it is a prison. On the other side of the river was the police station… hmm….

Haarlem prison...

Haarlem prison…

Our lack of planning showed when we realised Sundays museums in Haarlem are closed. Oh well!

Oops! It's shut!

Oops! The Teyler is shut!

And wandering back…

Walking back...

Our walk back to the station…

Someone was having fun with the stop sign… 😉 Kinda reflects my opinion of having to leave!

Someone has a sense of humour... vampirish stop sign?

Vampirish stop sign?

In all my trips through Holland, I’ve never once gone beyond Amsterdam. I’m so glad I broke that record this trip!

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  1. Cool to see ‘my town’ through the eyes of a tourist;-)

  2. Vlad says:

    I love how efficient the trains in The Netherlands are, when we visited Amsterdam we took a trip to The Hague, but we had many other options. Haarlem looks like a pretty town, I’ll try to visit it next time I’m in Amsterdam 😀

  3. nice town that Haarlem it seems, though those flower bulbs looks more like Hyacinths that tulips to me, and this option would also be more season appropriate. And that sign! it probably just got out of Monster, Inc.’s universe and got stuck 😉

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