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Music Musings – Carlos Bica and Azur

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Carlos Bica, Frank Moebus and Jim Black performed last week at St Andrew’s in Mumbai and are this week’s Music Musings feature!

Carlos Bica, Frank Mobus, Jim Black (Photo: Carlos Bica's FB page)

Carlos Bica, Frank Moebus, Jim Black (Photo: Carlos Bica’s FB page)

There is something about seeing a trio perform that just do their thing – and have been doing it together for 20 years – it shows. Their sound is original and completely their own. Broadly falling under the music category of ‘jazz’, it is …

  • Carlos Bica – Double base. Innovative, lyrical. While from Portugal, resides in Germany when not performing for fervent fans in India.
  • Frank Moebus – Guitar with a unique sound with a hypnotic quality that sneaks past to shift into alertness.
  • Jim Black – Drums. Brilliant… just brilliant. You need to see him live. Period.

The most hilarious moment was their encore… when the Frank came to the mike as though he would start singing, Carlos scooted over to the drums and started thumping, Jim picked up Frank’s guitar and began strumming.

Frank then told deadpan a tale of this poor man who came up to them for just a second after a concert saying how much he enjoyed the performance but had to leave in a rush… how this man didn’t have time to pick up a CD and later got in touch as couldn’t find music to download, couldn’t find the video on YouTube and how, in the meantime, he lost his job, then his wife packed up the kids and left him, how depressed he was and what a downward spiral his life took… All because he didn’t seize an opportunity when he had the chance.

A video from younger days:

For more music and information, check out:

Carlos Bica

Frank Moebus

Jim Black

PS – We didn’t want to court disaster so did buy their 2011 CD “Things About”. 🙂

What is one of the most creative ‘plugs’ to sell a CD you’ve experienced?

Carlos Bica + Azur, live in Mumbai on 6 Dec 2013

Carlos Bica + Azur, live in Mumbai on 6 Dec 2013

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