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Music Musings – Emel Mathlouthi

Emel Mathlouthi performed at Mehboob Studios as part of the first Johnnie Walker – The Journey festival – and part of reviving my old Music Musings series!

Emel seduced the audience with the powerful emotions her voice emitted… punching through with passion, protest, shifting from lilting to wrenchingly raw.

After the show, Emel shared how much she enjoyed their short stay in India. Yet after extensive touring also appreciated a chance to relax in the hotel, swim outdoors…

She shared that they had been to Vancouver and Montreal and enjoyed their Canadian tour. I later met the guitar player who talked about being busy working on their new CD, soon to be independently released – Ensen.

Emil Mathlouthi – Ma Lkit

Want more? Check out:

I’ll admit I’d never heard of her before the event… and yet for much of December, Christmassy music was replaced by the haunting sounds of Tunisia.

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Travel tales… How I got ‘hooked’ on going ‘away’

We’ve introduced ‘Work‘, messed around with ‘Play‘, clearly ‘Travel’ can simply be replaced with ‘Away‘!

So why bother with a post? Well… you see… it seems a good point to pause and share the journey… insight into ‘travel tales’  which help explain how I got from there (Winnipeg) to here (Mumbai).

And warning! This is a long post, so go grab a cup of chai, coffee or other liquid libation and come join me in a trip down memory lane… (more…)

Music Musings – Carlos Bica and Azur

Carlos Bica, Frank Moebus and Jim Black performed last week at St Andrew’s in Mumbai and are this week’s Music Musings feature!

Carlos Bica, Frank Mobus, Jim Black (Photo: Carlos Bica's FB page)

Carlos Bica, Frank Moebus, Jim Black (Photo: Carlos Bica’s FB page)

There is something about seeing a trio perform that just do their thing – and have been doing it together for 20 years – it shows. Their sound is original and completely their own. Broadly falling under the music category of ‘jazz’, it is … (more…)

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