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A proper “princess” penthouse pad!

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My "princess" pad

My “princess” pad

While I’ve said enough about being aghast at discovering I’ve become a picky princess when it comes to places to stay, my adventures in Jakarta house hunting experienced a temporary reprieve with the discovery of a short-term studio apartment in CityLofts Sudirman.

It is connected to CityWalk Mall – full of restaurants, cafes, wine bars and even has a Whiskey Baron (my whisky aficionado side is intrigued tho have yet to try!). Nearby are more independent high-end restaurants for those moments of extra indulgence – my 1st day here went to Harum Manis – what a delicious feast!

The view is spectacular and my photos don’t even come close to doing it justice. Being here during Lebaran was such a treat as I watched all the fireworks from exhaulted heights! Comfortable, spacious for a studio, high-speed internet, lovely pool, my caffeine addiction was fully supported with a large French press and great cafes downstairs.

I don’t want to leave my temporary penthouse “princess” pad! While the apartment hunt continues, I’ve been completely spoilt by this experience. Help! What’s a “princess” to do when she needs a new “castle”??

Garden by the pool

Garden by the pool

Fancy a dip?

Fancy a dip?

A little fountain action?

A little fountain action?

Not such a bad view?

Not such a bad view?

Just don't tire of this!

I just don’t tire of this!

Yup! That's real work happening at the "princess" pad :-)

Yup! That’s real work happening at the “princess” pad 🙂

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  1. looks really nice 🙂

  2. Oh, shut up already!!!! 😉

  3. pollyheath says:

    Ummmm. That is SERIOUSLY amazing.

    Also, I never knew before this moment but my life goal is clearly to become a Whiskey Baron. Or maybe Vodka Czar…

  4. gkm2011 says:

    That is awesome! Out of your price range for a long stay? Looks beautiful!

  5. sarahinguangzhou says:

    And the great thing about nice pools in Jakarta, I remember, is that they’re always empty during the day, because the locals don’t want to get tanned.

  6. gina4star says:

    Oh wow! That’s gorgeous! Hope you find/found somewhere equally as gorgeous and fit for a princess! 🙂

    • Its tough!! Especially as I’m back in Mumbai at the moment so am relying on emails and whatsap for apartment hunting from a distance.

      I’m even trying to hotel hop and see if can work out deals within our budget – not getting anything good for under $130/night?

      At the moment looks like there is no choice and I’m gonna end back at the sad supposed four star with stinky toilets, faded upholstery and broken down equipment. 😦

      Maaaan… I’ve really become spoilt!

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