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Winnipeg Folk Fest Part 2 – With a LOT of help from our friends

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I woke up this morning to an email from the Winnipeg Folk Festival asking for my mailing address in India to send a commemorative poster of the 1974 inaugural fest as a thank you for joining the “40 Years of People” workshop. It prompted me to start publishing posts on our recent trip, starting with one I drafted on the flight back from Canada… And missed publishing in the flurry of preparations for the unexpected job in Jakarta. Enjoy!

Goodnight 'n goodbye all!

Goodnight ‘n goodbye all!

It’s officially over and we made it home safe n sound despite our 1st flight being cancelled.

While there are lots to share, want to begin at the end… with a massive heartfelt THANK YOU to many folks who made it possible for us to fly all the way from Mumbai to Winnipeg with zero camping gear. This was luxury camping compared to my old camping stuff (long since wandered way away to better homes).

Here are a few things for which I’m infinitely grateful:

  • Local SIM card and phone – How to keep mildly connected in a provincial park on the other side of the world from your ‘home’ 🙂
  • Queen size double mattress air-bed, comforter and real pillows – oh baby!
  • Tent large enough can stand up in!
  • Coffee – OMG fresh hot coffee waiting in a thermos to be gulped gratefully
  • Portable shower – Enough said. We are all grateful for not being stinky smelly people.
  • “Folk Fest” chairs with adjustable height AND backpack for assorted stuff AND cup holder AND head rest.
  • “Folk Fest” mugs including from a year I was a co-ordinator. Always a great conversation piece!
  • Ooops! We forgot (insert some vital convenience)…. “Just open my bag and you’ll find one. Help yourself!”
  • THE WAGON – Try schlepping all above said gear for a couple of kms. I dare ya! Just try it!
  • Car to commute – For the times when only a real shower and real bed would do.
  • And last but certainly not least, the opportunity to volunteer on the Green Room Crew and get my partner a Kin Pass with all the fabulous benefits like backstage pass, yummy food, chance to hang with the artists and other great volunteers

Extra special thanks to all of you who helped my partner survive his 1st Winnipeg Folk Fest experience and 1st camp in 30 years! For a man more inclined to 5 star luxury than roughing it in the wilds, all the help we received made a massive difference.

He couldn’t have put it better: “Folk fest is more about a community than anything else.” So thank you community of family and friends that made our time so comfy and enjoyable!

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Ready to unload camping gear!

Tent village coming alive

Tent village coming alive

Favourite folks in comfy "folk fest" chairs!

Favourite folks in comfy “folk fest” chairs!



  1. pollyheath says:

    I’ve always dreamed of going to a music festival but the unwashed masses are a little off-putting. Maybe if I had access to a shower like you… 🙂

    • Haha! I survived many years of cold “showers” using a tap in the open. One of our campsite fellows made a marvel of practical engineering years ago and voila! Hot showers in our campsite! Now there are commercial portable showers that work beautifully. 🙂

  2. gina4star says:

    ooh your glamping sounds lovely! (I am not very down with the lingo, but I believe glamping is the new (new-ish for me) name for glamorous camping) hooray for glamping and not having to rough it! And what a lovely community to make it all possible!

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