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Google melting borders – ‘Reunion’ one year later

Last year, my father in Canada sent me a link to a google ad called ‘REUNION

“Have you and every other acquaintance seen the Google ad that has  millions of viewers?”

Aside from immediately recognizing a friend – Auritra Ghosh – it was impossible to ignore the emotional pull of this little ad story.

Reunion is about the fictional reunion between two elderly men from India and Pakistan. They were separated as children during partition with no contact after. Their grandchildren use various google services to help bring them back together.

Seeing this again today was a good anecdote to remind that while politics, religion and atrocities may divide, people still connect on a very human level irrespective of such things.

Today this ad has over 12 million viewers. While fictional, it taps into a deep sentiment that binds Indian and Pakistani people despite all that have divided.

I dare you to not get a little emotional!

Google’s Reunion

For more details, check out:

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Liebster Award – Share the love

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

This is like the Oscar for beginner bloggers! How super cool and incredibly encouraging to be nominated only six weeks into blogging. What’s even more fabulous is discovering so many interesting new blogs via Liebster Award responses!!


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