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Jura Superstition, Glen Garioch 1797 Founders Reserve, Ardbeg Corryvreckan

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Part of a series of tasting notes from a monthly private whisky club in Mumbai, India. It was our first session of 2014 and our 3rd anniversary of monthly whisky quaffing explorations.

Tasting Notes from 20 Feb 2014

Following our standard format, we blind tasted samples before revealing the whisky. This month featured: Jura Superstition, Glen Garioch 1797 Founders Reserve and Ardbeg Corryvreckon.

Jura Superstition 43%

  • Colour – Bright gold prompting speculations that it must be either sherry cask or have colour added
  • Nose – Sweet bourbon, bananas, toffee, cherry
  • Palate – Again sweet, jackfruit, leathery, a little harsh with some spice notes, a bit woody
  • Finish – Warm, straight… All thought it must young

The speculations proved correct! Colour was adjusted with caramel and it is a mix of young and aged (up to 21 years) whiskies in ex bourbon casks. Not bad however when bluntly asked “Would you want to stock this?” The honest answer was… probably not….


Glen Garioch Founders Reserve 48% 

  • Colour – Pale straw
  • Nose – Floral bouquet, medicinal, moss, blue cheese, fungal element, sea scent, tamarind
  • Palate – Smooth, fresh pudina, spice, pepper, bold, delightfully complex
  • Finish – Lingers, spice, complexity remains
  • Adding a dash of water doesn’t kill but equally did not enhance, however it did make the wet forest scent even more pronounced. Guessed may be Highland…

A clear favourite! The variation found in the nose followed through in the taste and finish. A very fine dram indeed! If this is what the whisky makers were up to in 1797, then it is a mighty fine recipe and well worth being reincarnated in the ‘Founders Reserve’. Without hesitation, would repeat, stock, savour and enjoy!

Glen Garioch 1797 Founders Reserve

Glen Garioch 1797 Founders Reserve

Ardbeg – Corryvreckan 57.1%

  • Colour – Deep ruby colour
  • Nose – “Good evening madame, we’d like to present peat, peat and oh… more peat!”
  • Palate – Sweet sour peat chewy, a bit of licorice
  • Finish – Kick ass finish, don’t let the peat fool you – the glorious sweetness remains
  • Adding a dash of water brings out the sweet and spicy element, however most preferred this powerful whisky neat!

This unique and highly peaty whisky is named after the Gulf of Corryvreckan (from the Gaelic Coire Bhreacain meaning “cauldron of the speckled seas” or “cauldron of the plaid”), which is a powerful vortex tide that empties into the sea.

Our verdict? “Oh baby, bring it on!” (that means we liked it!)

Ardbeg Corryvecken

Ardbeg Corryvecken

And just when it couldn’t get any better, out came an extra surprise from an informal social whisky session from a couple of weeks earlier…

Redemption Rye – A delightful American Rye whiskey with cinnamon, wood and more!

Redemption Rye

Redemption Rye

Our hosts outdid themselves with their experiments! From cheese stuffed dates, veg cutlets, kuasway, two sinful whisky soaked deserts. It was a remarkable evening with some exceptional whiskies.

For more posts on our tasting sessions and whisky explorations… check out my other blog Whisky Lady.

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