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Sunday stroll in KL

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In addition to my last day day in KL, I had one other sunny Sunday to stroll about in my two weeks in Malaysia.

Yes there was a morning meeting, yes there was some preparation work as well… But ah… it was still a glorious afternoon free to fritter about and explore a little of Kuala Lumpur!

Here are a few pics of a rather enjoyable day…

None of the sidewalk obstacles courses to be found in downtown KL!

Above ground or strolling on clean sidewalks...

Above ground or strolling… plenty of walk ways to meander for hours!

No accident everything looks squeaky clean!

Keeping KL clean

Keeping KL clean

What better than splishing splashing about on a sunny day?

A little fun n frolic

A little fun n frolic

Or kicking back, lounging on the park lawns…

A little park lounging?

A little park lounging?

A little 80s flashback with some punk posers in KL!

Who sez punk is dead? It is alive and well, posing in KL!

Who sez punk is dead? It is alive and well, posing in KL!

And just if you thought all I did was wander about, took a little break for something cool and refreshing to go along with a little blogging faffery! One must faff on a regular basis!

Blogging faffery

Blogging faffery with a view!

When did you last spend an afternoon walking?

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  1. The cleaning pic is dangerously awesome!

  2. Fabulous shot of those boys, I particularly love their reflection in the metal ball thing!

    You’ve got this blog faffery down to a fine art 🙂

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