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Music Musings – Chic Gamine

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This week’s feature is from my hometown of Winnipeg (and Montreal).

Years ago in Manitoba there was a remarkable all female acapella group Madrigaia. So when, on a visit to Winnipeg, I heard there was a new incarnation, pulled my parents, brother-in-law and friend out to see Chic Gamine at the West End Cultural Centre. I was utterly captivated, bought their self-titled CD and proceeded to play it (more than once!) for friends in India.

Chic Gamine (Photo: Rebecca Sandulak)

Chic Gamine (Photo: Rebecca Sandulak)

They are quixotic, winsome, wryly witty, multilingual (English, French, Portuguese, German…)… when I listen to their music, can’t help but break out into a giant smile!

Each vocalist brings her (or his) unique personality, versatility and style to the equation, blending together to create musical magic:

  • Ariane Jean brings the soul with a voice that soars to the highest notes
  • Andrina Turenne‘s passion, humour and creative vocal stylings
  • Annick Bremault is a singer-songwriter, actress and dancer
  • Don’t let Alexa Dirk‘s youth fool you – she has a powerful husky voice with maturity well beyond her years
  • And Montreal drummer and percussionist Alexandre Sacha Daoud draws on his Syrian/Brazilian heritage, study of Brazilian percussion and Asian rhythms.

This month they are touring the US, come home to Winnipeg in November and then off to Europe in December. So if you are in any of these parts of the world… check them out!

Chic Gamine – Days and Days

Chic Gamine – Tristesse Suspendue

Chic Gamine – Shake off your worries

Wanna learn more? Check out their Official Website and their SoundCloud link.

Their music has been described as gospel, soul, roots, R’n’B, ’50’s Doo-Wop, Brazilian forro and French chanson. What would you call it?

Chic Gamine (Photo: Niki Trosky)

Chic Gamine (Photo: Niki Trosky)




  1. pollyheath says:

    Wow, I really love this! (Sadly only the YouTube link worked for me, so I’ll have to do a little digging to hear more!)

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