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Music Musings – Coffee

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In this week’s feature, film that takes ‘centre stage’ and lead to discovering some catchy music. Think I better add another category to my list of ways to discover new music!

The film guy – Ivan Hughes

Ivan with my uncle - both big whisky afficiandos!

Ivan (left) with my uncle (right) – both big whisky fans!

Ivan is a guy who loves mountain climbing, film making and a good whisky. When his wife Angela got a job back in her hometown of Winnipeg a few years ago, they packed up the kids and critters, sold their gorgeous home in Squamish and settled down in the ‘Peg.

It was no surprise that he got involved with the Winnipeg Film Group and joined a private whisky tasting club – The Cabinet. (Hey Ivan – Am I STILL the only woman to enter the hallowed tasting den?)

As for the mountain climbing and adventurous spirit? The Canadian prairies are a loooong way from any serious rock climbing. However don’t let that fool you! Just check out their company Fringe Filmworks – pretty clear there are creative ways to let an adventuresome spirit loose on the world even if the base is Winnipeg!

For Coffee, Ivan did the direction and camera work…

The film guy’s family – Angela Heck ‘The Businesswoman’ & Thea Heck Hughes ‘The Child’

Angela + I this summer in Winnipeg

Angela + I this summer in Winnipeg

Don’t believe Angela’s age on her IMdB profile. Do believe her involvement in all sorts of interesting film and other creative projects over the years. And definitely DO believe their daughter Thea has talent in spades too!

Ang is part of the core ‘cast of characters’ that made growing up in Winnipeg such fun. She’s had all sorts of adventures – some of which we have shared together! Ups, downs, left turns and right turns, I’m delighted our paths collided nearly 30 years ago and that we find ways to continue to keep connecting.

Having their daughter Thea and son Toby enter the equation just made it more interesting. Thea (as you can see from the film) is frighteningly similar to her mother – practically a carbon copy – yet equally a distinct personality!

The music guy – Josh Woodward

I gotta admit, though his name is familiar, I really haven’t followed Josh’s career. When I checked out who did the music for “Coffee” that lead to further curiosity and came across his website: Creative Commons Music. Ever since been streaming his songs – folky, straight up singer-song writer style with lyrics clearly demonstrating a sly humour.

Check out him out on YouTube too!

The project – Super8 Film Project

The film was shot as part of the ‘One Take Super8’ event at the 2013 WNDX Festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The concept was simple, each participant was given a Super8 camera and a roll of film.  They then had to shoot a film ‘in camera’ with no edits.  The film was seen for the first time by the filmmaker at the public screening.

And finally – The Film

Check out the link and be amused!

Like the character Ang is playing, I cannot function without my morning cup of coffee (and occasional overdose). My particular pet peeve is the dang doorbell going “Ding Dong!” constantly before my first jolt of caffeine!

Any film prompt you to find out who is the music mastermind?

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