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Brazil beckons – what to do?

My partner and I decided to do something quite uncharacteristic. Actually plan a trip. As in advance plan. As in a trip which is purely for pleasure prompted by a friend’s wedding with zero work or family connect.

So far all we know is we need to be at Praia de Balneário Camboriú early December 2016.

Beyond that we know nothing. Have decided nothing. And are open to all possibilities.

Balneario Camboriu at night (praias-sc.com)

Balneario Camboriu at night (praias-sc.com)

Couples who travel together well tend to have one who delights in the planning process, figuring out options, tracking down great places to try, things to do. The other may have ideas which the planner takes into consideration, but is happiest just going along for the ride, enjoying the moment.

The challenge is between my partner and I, neither of us are the planning types.

Our travel tends to have a fixed requirement – work or family or event – where we throw in a dash of pleasure and detour or two for good measure. It also tends to be places where one or the other has some experience in the destination.

By contrast, our trips can also be completely impromptu jaunts to join friends in an amusing location where the ‘planning’ stage is restricted to reaching the destination – like my trips to Amsterdam, Goa and Vietnam.

Which works great for us and we have terrific travels – together and solo.

Til now…

Going all the way from India to Brazil means we cannot stop at the wedding alone! Noo… we simply MUST do something more. Who knows when we will next make it all the way to South America. Neither of us have ever been. But what? Where to start? What to do?

From Brazil, talk with another friend coming from India for the wedding turned to potential adventures in Peru, Argentina, Ecuador… um…

Clearly we need to do some research!

Any suggestions of  “must do” activities in Brazil? And “Wouldn’t it be fabulous to try…” in the region?

Cristo Luz (Wiki)

Cristo Luz (Wiki)

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Music Musings – Chic Gamine

This week’s feature is from my hometown of Winnipeg (and Montreal).

Years ago in Manitoba there was a remarkable all female acapella group Madrigaia. So when, on a visit to Winnipeg, I heard there was a new incarnation, pulled my parents, brother-in-law and friend out to see Chic Gamine at the West End Cultural Centre. I was utterly captivated, bought their self-titled CD and proceeded to play it (more than once!) for friends in India.

Chic Gamine (Photo: Rebecca Sandulak)

Chic Gamine (Photo: Rebecca Sandulak)

They are quixotic, winsome, wryly witty, multilingual (English, French, Portuguese, German…)… when I listen to their music, can’t help but break out into a giant smile! (more…)

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