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Confession time…

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I admit, I’m out of practice and outta shape with the whole work-life balance thing. Not only has getting to the gym suffered completely in the last few months but, I must confess, I’m a recovering workaholic who has completely fallen “off the wagon” and slipped back into bad patterns with the Jakarta project.

As Lady of the Cakes succinctly diagnosed my condition “Bad case of projectitis!” and very aptly prescribed “3 hours of blogging faffery!”

And I couldn’t agree more!

Which is what made my trip to Bangalore such a delightful break from intense non-stop work. I’ll confess, I still did a couple of hours both days, but in a relaxed detached manner. This morning my emails were made from the guest house terrace while leisurely sipping my 2nd morning espresso, listening to the birds chirping, enjoying blue skies and a balmy breeze with feet propped on a stool.


I was also asked about posting more about Jakarta… To be honest I’m quite convinced no one cares about my working all day and night! And while some twists and turns of “THE PROJECT” have absurdly amusing elements of vicarious interest, they are clearly not for public consumption. Sorry folks.

Obviously work isn’t the ONLY thing I’ve done in Jakarta however it is clearly time to:

  1. Create more opportunities to explore Indonesia beyond what remains an interesting, challenging and (hopefully!) ultimately rewarding project
  2. Take a moment or two to share some observations and experiences

So I’ve thought of a few Jakarta posts and am making plans public to force myself to write:

There is even a ‘glamping’ trip in the works for November so… watch this space!

Ever make a public promise to shame yourself into action?

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  1. Glamping princess style…? I can hardly wait!!!

  2. pollyheath says:

    Glamping. Makes me think of some Real Housewives episode. Hope you bring the drama 😉

  3. Expat Eye says:

    Faffing and glamping. It’s the all-new relaxed you! 🙂

  4. Karolyn Cooper says:

    So why was I worried about you getting stuck in traffic jams? Did you even see a road? Or just the sky and the coffee cups?!

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