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Jet lag and a wood chipper? Seriously??

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My secret to avoiding conking out in the middle of the afternoon with ‘jet lag’ is keeping busy. We did brilliantly adjusting to the time difference between India and Canada until our first truly relaxing afternoon.

Wood chipper (photo: Carissa Hickling)

Wood chipper (photo: Carissa Hickling)

While I should have tackled sorting through 60 odd boxes of books, papers and various other items stored at my parents, the lure of a comfortable bed when we planned to camp for the next five days was just too enticing…

About to sink into blissful oblivion, we were startled by the most god awful screeching noise. Something howled and whined its way into the upstairs bedroom at a defeaning volume!

So much for nap time. Up and out I went to discover it was a wood chipper. Yup… a wood chipper.

Gotta admit, a wood chipper as ‘jet lag’ cure was a first for me. What keeps you awake when you are dying to snoooooozzzee??

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  1. I’d have preferred a nice lumberjack myself, but these guys sure a strapping enough lads 😉

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