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Holiday headaches – competing cacophony

You must be kidding!? There is yet another religious celebration to be fetted at full volume!

2013-04-Goat1This time it happens to be Ganapathi and the clanking of bells, thrum of drums hasn’t relented for hours. And soon it will be joined by the Bandra Fair celebrations (aka Mount Mary feast) with folks walking down our lane with kazoos at 2am. Seriously… Plus Eid with all the goats that have been trotted around for their walks now trotting to a different destination…

During a different festival, there was a hilarious moment on a Skype call to get the background on a project. My buddy could hear the ever increasing decibel level. And this after all the windows, doors were firmly shut, curtains drawn and extra ‘sound proofing’ added! I was even using my noise cancellation headset so I could hear clearly…

My partner has railed against religions blasting music at ear bleeding levels. More than once he has burst out in exasperation with “Does louder equal a bigger d#@k?” (more…)


Makar sakranti / pongal feast

You know it is makar sakranti when every street corner in Mumbai is bursting with kites.

Known as makar sakranti in Maharashtra and pongal in Tamil Nadu, it is a time to celebrate the end of winter with flying kites and feasting!

It is also a time to get rid of the old and welcome the new. (more…)

Diwali ‘ding dong!’ demands

Diwali is also the time where the “Ding dong!” of the doorbell never stops as everyone who provides any kind of service comes with hand extended for money money money! (more…)

Diwali – Festival of lights… not pollution

It is that time of the year again… where ears and head hurt from non-stop noise, eyes itch from pollution, a persistent cough catches, animals cower in corners, fortunes are won and lost over cards.

Since 1995 I’ve witnessed how Diwali celebrations have evolved – 1st in Delhi and now in Mumbai for the last decade.

It is heartening to see the growing awareness around the environmental hazards, dangerous child labour practices and a movement towards ‘new ways’ to celebrate the Festival of Lights with less noise, pollution and waste. (more…)

Happy Holi + St Paddy’s Day

When away from ‘home’ it is easy to forget the rhythms of ‘home’ festivals and celebrations.

Like missing Chinese New Year celebrations in India… and catching the tale end in Malaysia.

St Patrick’s day wasn’t even on the radar until I went to Bluegrass in Kuningan, Jakarta for dinner with a fab gal pal and saw the St Paddy’s themed F&B specials appealing to the ex-pat crowd. (more…)

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