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The quietest Diwali yet!

There is something exceedingly off about this picture… It is the middle of the day, there is no whine or banging of construction noises from the flat next door…. There is no pulsing music blaring at top volume… There are only the occasional burst of random fire crackers…

Is this really Diwali?

A peaceful, relaxed and frankly rather enjoyable Diwali?

Could it be that finally we can welcome Lakshmi into our homes with only the gentle glow of diyas?

Can I dare hope?? A few hours more will tell…

For those of you heading out soon to win or lose fortunes over cards, share merriment and gift giving with family and friends, let me add an exuberant ‘Happy Diwali!’ to the mercifully quiet chorus this year!

2015-11-10 Pheonix Mills Diwali


Does seem a bit like the Palladium’s Diwali decoration have almost a Christmasy feel?

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Diwali ‘ding dong!’ demands

Diwali is also the time where the “Ding dong!” of the doorbell never stops as everyone who provides any kind of service comes with hand extended for money money money! (more…)

Diwali – Festival of lights… not pollution

It is that time of the year again… where ears and head hurt from non-stop noise, eyes itch from pollution, a persistent cough catches, animals cower in corners, fortunes are won and lost over cards.

Since 1995 I’ve witnessed how Diwali celebrations have evolved – 1st in Delhi and now in Mumbai for the last decade.

It is heartening to see the growing awareness around the environmental hazards, dangerous child labour practices and a movement towards ‘new ways’ to celebrate the Festival of Lights with less noise, pollution and waste. (more…)

A Diwali Wish

I have a small Diwali wish – Please welcome Lakshmi into your home this year with the gentle glow of diyas, the explosion of flowers and the joy of being with family and friends.

Invite Lakshmi with light...

Invite Lakshmi with light…

Take a moment to consider the conditions under which patakars (firecrackers) are made, the noise and pollution that comes with using them… Chose how to celebrate the festival of lights. Happy Diwali!!!

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B-B-B-B-Birthday Celebrations – Quintuple style!

My mother went into labour as ‘trick or treaters’ knocked on their door the Hallowe’en of 1969. She would say how, as her contractions came, she wished I might hold off just a wee bit til after midnight… By 5am the next day she was cursing but got her way as I welcomed the world on 1st November.

Over the years, I’ve met others born on 1st November and occasionally we even celebrate our birthdays together.

For my 40th birthday, enjoyed a ‘triple treat’ birthday with:

  1. Triple hit - 1st November babies (2009)

    Triple hit – 1st November babies (2009)

    A “young” friend (left in pic) who has such a zest for life, we bonded instantly when we met a couple of years ago. We share a love of good music, laughter and more!

  2. Yup – that’s me in the middle!
  3. An “old” friend (right in pic) – we met in France in 1988. I’ll never forget one party in Mumbai where a guy I just met ever so kindly took it upon himself to ‘introduce’ me to others (thinking I’m a newbie firangi to India)… to discover practically everyone else there and I knew each other from weeks… to months… to years… By the time he came to my “old” friend: “We’ve known each other for over twenty years – I think maybe 23?” He went “I give up! Who the hell are you???” (more…)
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