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Irrational moments

Blame it on PMS or just ordinary life stress, but there are a few things liable to get you a ‘blow up’ reaction from me.

Computer issues and financial admin angst are my fatal flaws. I admit it.

If something wonky happens with a Microsoft application, I will be transformed from a completely rational human being into a raving lunatic with tech support!

And financial issues?

Few know this but I’m actually sorta kinda in this space. My professional work is consulting with an emphasis on the people element of the equation. My domain specialisation is, believe it or not, financial services and I regularly work with banks, insurance & mutual fund companies, brokers and more with my playground Asia Pacific, not just India.

So when things go wrong with financial services… I normally treat it like an amusing game. I see what unfolds before escalating through contacts to get things accomplished. (more…)

When love goes global, do governments agree?

If you go global with a life partnership with someone from a country different than the land of your birth or citizenship, things get more complicated.

And the ‘rules’ when you begin your life journey together with hope, joy and love can change over time…

  • So then, what happens if the government ‘guidelines’ change mid-play?
  • What if divorce and/or re-marriage are thrown into the mix?
  • Or even worse, what if your life partner passes on before you do…


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