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Letting go of bookish friends

Growing up, I was a voracious reader.

The books of my childhood were full of Canadian classics by L M Montgomery with her iconic curly topped imaginative “Anne of Green Gables” and early feminist and abolitionist American author Louisa May Alcott known for her book “Little Women” plus many other authors.

This hunger to discover worlds beyond my own through other’s words remains… though the quantity and range has reduced over the years… and for a time nearly stopped as the business of ‘living’ took over a love of literature.

With a slightly slower pace this year, my love of reading has resurfaced. (more…)

“Whaddya want?” Bookshelves?!

We are about to renew our lease for another three years and decided it was time to make a few changes.

Coincidentally, it is around the time of our birthdays too.

So when my partner insisted I say what I wanted this year, my response was none of the typical stuff…

No sirree! What did I want? What did I really want?

Bookshelves… (more…)

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