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Only later did I understand…

We lived in Hamilton, Ontario for a couple of years while my father did his PhD at McMaster University. It was an interesting change from Winnipeg and positive to be in a different environment.

However memory is a funny thing. One thing that stuck with me was an odd event that took place after swimming class.

I must have been 10 or 11 when in the change room there was the usual tween talk with innocent ribaldry.

When teasing turned to boasts about boys, one girl blurted out a peculiar assertion. (more…)

Silencing “India’s Daughter”

Quickly before yet another version of India’s Daughter was blocked, I watched the documentary lest I be tempted to comment on something without actually seeing it.

I needn’t have panicked I’d miss the opportunity… like rabbits, as soon as one is blocked, another link pops out of another YouTube hole.

Banning "India's Daughter" on YouTube

Banning “India’s Daughter” on YouTube

Social media and mass media alike are abuzz with reactions to the decision to not permit showing the BBC “India’s Daughter” documentary in India. And catapulted its viewing via YouTube in a way a mere airing on BBC TV alone could never have accomplished. (more…)

7th Quarter Summary

Funny how time zips by when you are doing nearly nothing!

While not strictly true, the 7th Quarter of “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)” was certainly more sedate than previous quarters given it was minus the manic travel and project work.

Now how perfectly Dutch

How perfectly Dutch

This 7th quarter brought:

  • An impromptu trip to Amsterdam, finally adding Europe to all my recent adventures… naturally I’ve had oodles of past ones! 😉
  • Saw LOTS of theatre – some fabulous and some definitely not!
  • Mad marriage marathons in Mumbai… once I’m fully recovered I may share some of the gory details!
  • Oodles of family visitors for the Christmas / New Years season
  • And finally a focus on fitness for the slow journey back to normality post ankle injury – including shuffling along to support Avehi Abacus at the Mumbai Marathon!


Avehi Abacus at Mumbai Marathon

Yesterday all over Mumbai folks woke up with extra aches and pains but satisfied smiles despite feeling stiff all over!

Sunday was the 12th annual Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM). One of the largest marathons in Asia and India’s largest non-profit fundraiser platform.

Clearly I’m not currently marathon material at the moment, however my partner volunteered to support the Avehi Abacus Project by participating in the 6 km “Dream Walk”. (more…)

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