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2nd Quarter Summary

Can you believe it? “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)” is half a year old!?!

Ignorance isn't bliss (Photo taken in Bandra, Bombay)

“Eve Teasing”

It would have been impossible without all the comments and encouragement from fellow WordPress bloggers, folks following through various social media and real life friends who keep surprising me by actually reading and chatting about topics in posts of interest to them.

This quarter, I’ve been thinking about living and working in more than one country. (more…)


Bollywood baby birthday bashes

2013-09-26-Mumbai-Aisha'sBday01000-ClaudiaCakeHave you ever been to a 1st birthday party? In Bombay, particularly when there is a link to the film industry, these seem to be very much ADULT parties!

My 1st introduction to what I’ll call the “1st birthday phenomenon” was years ago at the Spastic Society (now known as ADAPT – Able Disabled All People Together) in Bandra Reclamation.

The father was the director of the film Leela and it was his pride and joy’s birthday! Was the little guy to be seen? Well… he did make a sleepy appearance for a short while but then retired. Which was perfectly fine because this was very much an adult bash –  brilliant fun full of all sorts of interesting characters.

Fast forward more than a decade later and I popped into another 1st birthday celebration in Bandra during my ‘bonus time.‘ Bereft of my partner who was busy with a film shoot in Goa, I landed up by my lonesome wondering what to expect.

Cake cut, signal for "adult" time!

Cake cut, signal for “adult” time!

The princess of the evening did an admirable job of smiling, chortling, being oohed and aahed at, tossed giggling into the air. In the earlier part of the evening there were puppets, games and other activities for the little ones. However after the cake, the mood clearly shifted from being a “general” admission party to time “parental guidance” at a minimum… it was clearly time for the adults to pick up the pace and strut their stuff.

Shots made the rounds along with the snacks, casting agents rubbed shoulders with actors, much merry industry networking took place. Now… lest I sound cynical, the parents of the enchanting birthday belle are truly lovely people and fully appreciated the irony that their gal wouldn’t remember her 1st birthday at all.

The adults clearly enjoyed the babes bash! And I’ll admit, I was no exception…

Me with Irrfan Khan, one of the many adult celebrants!

With Irrfan Khan, one of the many adult celebrants!

No these weren’t wild nights of debauchery however both were parties as much (or more) for the full-grown celebrants rather than the tiny tots.

Have you been to any “adult” baby birthday’s lately – Bollywood linked or otherwise? Or is this phenomenon unique to Bombay?

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Improbable Efficiency – A Dabba Love Story

Dabba or tiffin

Dabba or tiffin (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

I recently saw a new film “The Lunchbox” or “Dabba” by Ritesh Batra starring Irrfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur. It was a private preview screening for cast, crew, family and friends before the official world premier in Cannes this weekend. My interest was a chance to see my partner on-screen – playing the role of Irrfan’s boss. Irrfan’s character Saajan Fernandez is a taciturn claims officer in a public insurance company, about to retire after 35 years of service. Nimrat plays Ila, a young middle class housewife and mother.

The premise of the story is that Saajan and Ila’s husband’s lunch dabbas are mistakenly switched when delivered by Mumbai’s dabba wallas. Saajan, a widower, has a neighbourhood restaurant send him lunch in office. Whereas Ila carefully prepares her husband’s lunch, hoping to re-capture his drifting regard through the quality and inventiveness of her culinary creations. She is amazed one day when the dabba is returned home with the food so relished that the container was uncharacteristically licked clean!


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