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The Naked DJ

Yes that really is the title… of a documentary film I caught as part of the Singapore International Film Festival last week.

What made it remarkable is that it was shown without any censorship – apparently passing without difficulty. Can I just say – wow! Singapore is definitely changing!

You need to understand, Singapore is not a place known for originality or its acceptance of ‘alternate’ perspectives or lifestyles. DJ Chris Ho (X’Ho or DJ Mentor) is known for being a force for counter-culture and while I see him more of a creative ‘borrower’ than a creator of original content, he certainly courts controversy and shakes things up.

The evening began with an amusing ritual. Little bottles were passed around – “Take one and pass it on.” What was it? Chewing gum. We all collectively indulged in chewing contraband gum just to set the tone for some naughtiness! (more…)

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