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The pool ‘princess’ and her adoring audience

I’ve always known how to swim. My sister and I were in a pool from practically the time we were babes. And it has always been a joy to jump in and start swimming… without a care in the world! A quiet peaceful time of contemplation, random musing or even brain ‘radio silence’.

Growing up with a father who was professor at the University of Manitoba meant access to their olympic size pool. I never knew anything else so just assumed all pools were big, cool, pristinely clean, bright and full of people enjoying their laps.

To discover people splash about in small hot pools chatting was bizarre. I mean come on, pools are meant to enjoy a blissful swim…  Beaches are where you combine swimming and play but a pool? Pools are to be in the solo zone, a happy place for focused fitness! (more…)


“Wanna work in Jakarta?”

Whether it was contemplating over coffee shifting from “wants” to “needs” and becoming open to anything, catching up with a terrific ex-colleague in Bangkok at Terminal 21 or merely willing the universe to send something interesting my way, I find myself unexpectedly flying to Jakarta this weekend to kick-off a four month assignment in Indonesia.

Welcome to Jakarta Airport (photo: Carissa Hickling)

Welcome to Jakarta Airport (photo: Carissa Hickling)

Not only is the opportunity well-timed to combat my shrinking bank balance, it is with a gang of guys I adore! At 43, I’m the “baby” in the bunch and the only “broad.” If past experience is any indicator, we will work like maniacs and have an uproariously good time too!

In a delicious turn of fate, this rag-tag team of veteran consultants from the UK to Australia (loosely linked together by our ex-boss) beat our ex-company to win the contract – “Take that oh previous employer!” Naturally we have a ridiculously ambitious schedule to meet and there will be all sorts of unexpected twists and turns along the way, however I’m looking forward to the project on many levels.


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