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Agonizing Address Changes – Welcome to Indian Financial Services

As 2014 draws to a close, I’m revisiting my great big long list of pesky tasks that aren’t critical but still kinda sorta need to get done… sometime… You know – the ones you do your best to avoid?

I’ve made ‘progress’ but not exactly stellar:

  • I still have that pesky vexing tax records issue that just doesn’t seem to go away!
  • After changing my address at the Foreigners registration (FRRO)… Guess what? I officially no longer need to even register with the foreigners office at all?! Gaaakh!?
  • Armed with my latest lease and landlord NOC (no objection certificate) trying to track down the form and process to tackle my address update with the Service Tax authorities. After all, I only moved how many years ago?!
  • The “Mr Hickling” gender bender was a pain in the arse but I’m finally officially female (according to Vodafone)

However the worst by far is updating the mutual fund companies. (more…)


Dreaded Address Updation – Foreigners registration in India

I quietly slipped into Bangalore for a couple of days… where the topic of “foreigner registration” in India came up.

When you move, updating your address is a necessary bother anywhere in the world. But in India, it can be an incredibly painful process. I changed apartments nearly two years ago and it took only three months to get my bank to update it, another two months for my mobile service provider… however in a baffling twist, I became “Mr Hickling” in the process?!

To “fix” that, one needs a form, an indemnification letter requesting changing gender on 1 Rupee legal stamp paper, passport sized photos, original proof of gender with certified copies and apply in person to present the evidence. I guess the fact that I’m unmistakably female, haven’t undergone a sex change operation and someone somewhere incorrectly selected “Mr” instead of “Ms” in their system is entirely irrelevant?! (more…)

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