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Convenience vs Cost – Calling for creative travel advice!!

I’m convinced there are far greater experts out there who can extract both value and convenience when planning international flights. As I plan my next trip back from Mumbai to Jakarta, would love to tap into the collective world wide WordPress wisdom for travel advice…

Where I was supposed to be today...

Where I want to book today…

So here is my criteria:

  • Avoid crappy cramped overnight flights. Appreciate overnight for long haul flights can’t be avoided but these 4 – 5 hour overnight flights are killers!
  • Stick with ‘preferred airline’ with access to business lounges, internet, khanna/pina (food/drink) as have ‘gold’ status (for now!)
  • As direct as possible so avoid spending extra day(s) in airports – yes the romance of exploring airports for hours long ago vanished!
  • Economy fare because, well, the client is covering the cost and for them – the cheaper the better! And we all like happy clients. 🙂

Seems pretty simple, right? (more…)

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