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The Friday Night Phenomenon – TGIF in Jakarta!

What are you doing this Friday night? Is it time to cut loose? Shake a leg? Knock back a martini (or two!)?

In Mumbai, I find the more interesting activities seem to happen during the week so by Friday, a quiet evening at home with my partner is perfection!

In Jakarta, after slogging all week – morning, noon and night! – on client work, by the time Friday comes around, I’m desperate for a little non-work socializing. And have discovered nothing is better than a little “Frivolous Friday Fun” after a busy week.

And because I’m in Mumbai this Friday but missing Jakarta, have decided to revisit a few favourite Friday’s in Jakarta with you…. (more…)

One night in Bangkok… I mean Bangalore!

Having literally just breezed through Bangkok airport on my trip back from Jakarta to Mumbai, I find myself throwing jeans and a t-shirt into a small bag for a quick trip tomorrow morning to Bangalore.

I admit it… I have a special fondness for Bangalore… and I can’t wait to be back after years! (more…)

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