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Social Media – Personal vs Professional

I’m a bit out of synch with social media and have entirely out-dated notions about personal vs professional spaces.

For me, Facebook is a personal space to share what I chose with friends. As in ACTUAL friends. As in people I really do honestly KNOW. As in really have MET at some point in our lives.

Not random strangers who happen to have at least one common connect (necessary to find me on FB) and a bizarre notion we can ‘make friends.’ For the unfamiliar, that is code for “I expect to get my jollies by chatting you up as after all… you are a loose ‘white’ woman.” (Oh and the ‘white’ part only enhances the sleaze factor, lovely desi ladies are not immune to such unwanted attentions).

Whereas for me, LinkedIn is a professional space where I’m happy to keep connected with those I’ve met professionally. Ideally we’ve worked together directly. If not, we have at least met in a professional context or there is a rationale for keeping abreast of each others professional developments. The bonus about LinkedIn is it doesn’t seem to be the horny stalker social medium of choice – yeah!

Sure the lines between professional and personal are blurred. It is perfectly natural to meet interesting professionals along the way and become friends. Just as some friends share professional interests. (more…)

Gay for a day (or more!!)

Sex is personal yet becomes political when a nation decides to interfere in acts between consenting adults.

Today’s decision in India by the Supreme Court is such a step backwards… reinforcing a retrograde law from 1860.

Gay Parade (Photo: India Today)

Gay Parade (Photo: India Today)

A bit of background – in 2009 the Delhi High Court made a landmark ruling that took a step towards decriminalising sex between two consenting same gendered adults. However noted that this is ultimately a matter for the government decide through legislation. In the interim, the matter made it to the Supreme Court with the ruling out today… re-confirming that homosexuality is criminal in India?!

Wanna learn more? Just read Gay sex, homosexuality is an offence: Supreme Court upholds Section 377. Black day for LGBT community (more…)

Improbable Efficiency – The Lunchbox Love Story (take 2!)

I’m just so darn proud “The Lunchbox” did well in the festival circuit and opened this week in India  (with global domination around the corner!). And while “The Lunchbox” was passed over for the Indian Oscar entry, delighted it is finally reaching audiences. Congratulations to Ritesh’s deft writing & directing and the entire cast & crew that made it happen.

So here goes a repeat of my earlier post published 21 May 2013 – with ‘extra bonus’ movie trailer and image!

Photo: The Lunchbox FaceBook page

Photo: The Lunchbox FaceBook page

Improbable Efficiency – A Dabba Love Story (more…)

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