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Celebration treats! Eid Mubarak and Happy Ganapati!

Our doorbell keeps doing the ‘ding dong!‘ thing today…

More than the normal everyday type activities, we’ve had folks dropping off treats.

Our driver showed up on his day ‘off’ to share piping hot stupidly delicious home-made vermicelli payasam.

All a part of his sharing the joy of Eid! Completely humbled.

And then the bell rang again with more savouries and sweets – from the building society meeting…

Doorbell treats

Yummy doorbell treats!

We also just had Ganesh Chathurthi with pandals popping up all over – with the final step vasarjan – immersion of Ganapathi idols – with processions to the water, lots of noise, dancing and celebration.

For those not familiar, Ganesh is the elephant god and remover of obstacles. I could do with a few obstacles being removed about now… but that is something to focus on another day…

Today is instead to wish all my friends celebrating  – Eid Mubarak and Happy Ganapathi!

BTW – Wanna know more about Ganapathi? Check out Paula’s new ‘How to India’ vlog

Eid Mubarak!!!

For all my friends around the world who finally broke their fast – Eid Mubarak!!

There is no mistaking the joyous celebration that comes with Eid.


A couple of years ago I was in Indonesia during Lebaran (Ramadan). I will never forget meeting a friend at a mall, lining up for food with the throngs. All places to sit were full, plates heaping with delicious smelling feasts.. with everyone waiting.. waiting… waiting for the ‘gong’ to signal the sun had set and it was time to break the daily fast.

During that period, I stayed in a penthouse apartment in the central part of Jakarta. I had the most amazing view of the non-stop fireworks that started in the build-up to Eid then an ear splitting crescendo that kept roaring back over and over in jubilant bursts all night.


Back in Bandra, Mumbai, we live next door to a mosque. The call to prayers weaves its way into the daily fabric of our lives. So it was no surprise when the spattering of fireworks signalled it was finally time…

Even better. a friend from Karachi / London invited us to his mother’s home in Mumbai for the feast! It was a carnivores carnival of delight…

So to all my Muslim friends here (India), there (Indonesia) and all around the world – Eid Mubarak!!!

Celebration time!

Celebration time! (Islamicartdb.com)

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