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The sounds of travel… death by baby wail!

Oh those innocent little tykes. Those big dark moist eyes. Those little fingers that fetchingly reach out. Cuteness incarnate until… Mouth opens wide and unleashes…. THE HOWL!!!!

Yes I've shamelessly borrowed this from an IDBI Fortis campaign - hope my friends there will forgive!

Yes I’ve shamelessly borrowed this from an IDBI Fortis campaign – hope my friends there will forgive!

There is something about flying in and out of India. For that matter most countries with a youthful demographic. There are always kids – LOTS of kids! And in some cases, they have the most amazing lung capacity. One sets another off and soon there is a symphony of screeching.

On my recent trip from Mumbai to Jakarta, I had their sweet serenade from the queue outside the airport, the wait to check-in, then the wait for immigration, followed by the wait for security so that even before stepping foot on the plane…  their lungs were clearly well-primed already for the coming concert. My head was throbbing in accompaniment long before we even took off!

These munchkins are champion caterwallers and – alas – can keep it up ALL night. Nothing can hold back the anguished wails. Noise cancellation headsets at ear bleeding levels cannot compete. (more…)

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