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London Calling… Watch out Winnipeg!!

There is something just so joyful about hitting the ‘confirm’ button when purchasing long haul flights. That extra thrill that tells you… soon… soon… you will be back to the international airport, whip out that passport and wing your way around the globe to a place where your morning is night and your sleep time is a sunny day!

Yup! We just booked our Canada flights… and decided to jazz things up a little this time with multiple stops. Just because we can. 🙂

1st stop – London (more…)

How to have a hippy princess holiday!

Sometimes a gal just needs to release her inner hippy child to cavort with her princess streak to enjoy a few fabulous days of bliss in Goa!

How… you ask?

Fly Business Class

In footloose fancy free hippy mode, decide to fly last-minute, pack only a small bag of comfy casual clothes but…

Then out pops the princess with business class for a mere 1 hour flight (ok one was a première seat sale practically the same price as eco & the other was eco bumped up with a nearly expiring upgrade voucher… why waste, eh?) (more…)

Going Goa Gone!

Last time I was in Goa was Dec 2013 – Jan 2014… I was there helping organise a music festival so it was a mix of work and play.

In 10 minutes I’m out the door and on my way to the airport… to catch a flight to Goa!

The purpose this time?

Let’s see… catching up with friends… beach… book… beer… swim… food… and repeat!

Sound good? Certainly much more appealing than the weather my companions are returning to Canada for after these days together… what was it… -30’c?!

Goa sunset on New Years Eve 2013

Goa New Years Eve 2013

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7th Quarter Summary

Funny how time zips by when you are doing nearly nothing!

While not strictly true, the 7th Quarter of “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)” was certainly more sedate than previous quarters given it was minus the manic travel and project work.

Now how perfectly Dutch

How perfectly Dutch

This 7th quarter brought:

  • An impromptu trip to Amsterdam, finally adding Europe to all my recent adventures… naturally I’ve had oodles of past ones! 😉
  • Saw LOTS of theatre – some fabulous and some definitely not!
  • Mad marriage marathons in Mumbai… once I’m fully recovered I may share some of the gory details!
  • Oodles of family visitors for the Christmas / New Years season
  • And finally a focus on fitness for the slow journey back to normality post ankle injury – including shuffling along to support Avehi Abacus at the Mumbai Marathon!


Bandra’s Equal Streets

Sunday morning I woke to a cool breeze and inclination to go for a stroll.

Now normally this means risking life n limb, dodging all kind of vehicles on the road and trying not to trip on sidewalk hazards.

However that was all before Mumbai joined the ‘Equal Streets‘ movement.

Each Sunday from 7am until 11am, one side of two main roads in Bandra are closed to motorised traffic for community activities. (more…)

Will it be ‘smooth sailing’ or more vexing tax troubles?

I’ve shared past tax grumblings… Now I know you are waiting with bated breath for the update (yeah right!) So… drum roll please!

1. Conundrum of a Canadian living in India working all over Asia

Solved and filed just in time for my flight to Amsterdam… I wanted to ensure it was done, dusted and forgotten (for now).

I’ve dutifully declared earnings less permitted expenses, discovered that earlier estimates of advance tax paid was actually overly generous so it seems that a refund is in order. (more…)

Day trip to Haarlem

Have you ever just gone on a wander? Hopped on a train and then walked and walked til you felt like stopping, did just that, then walked some more?

That was our day in Haarlem. (more…)

Side helping of ‘marriage’ with your ‘lease’ registration?

Renewing our lease was on my ‘must do’ list before ‘rewarding’ myself with the trip to The Netherlands.

Lo and behold this remarkable feat was accomplished the day of my flight and I gotta admit, either I’ve become completely adapted to how things work here (probably) or this process might just be becoming less painful and complicated than it used to be. (more…)

6th Quarter Summary

Gee… it seems like only yesterday I wrote the 5th Quarter Summary… However now that I’m ‘grounded’ in Mumbai, am back in the ‘posting grove’ with “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)” after a longish hiatus. And proud for being ON TIME (as opposed to Indian stretchable time) with this update. (more…)

3rd Quarter Summary

Nine months ago, if I’d got ‘knocked up’, we’d be saying “It’s a girl/boy!”

Instead, I’m delighted to celebrate “It’s a blog!” as “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)” reaches its 3rd quarter – yipee!

I gotta admit though, this quarter didn’t exactly turn out as planned…

  • Random Jakarta Mall pic (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

    Random Jakarta Mall pic (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

    I expected to be in Jakarta and couldn’t wait to explore more of that amazing city and other parts of Indonesia! While I was busy with the Indonesian project til 2nd week December, most work was done remotely in Mumbai. With a shift in business model and priorities, there won’t be future trips for this client… sigh… however ‘fingers crossed’ more projects will come that involve travel!

  • My partner had a film shoot planned in Budapest in December. Seemed a great excuse to spend some time in Europe – I had dreams of joining for a bit, pop over to Prague to see a dear friend, amble on to Amsterdam for another friend’s new nightclub opening. Alas, the film hit a snag and…. again sigh… no news on if/when either the film shoot will happen or where.
  • With these developments, we decided to stay put, revelling in the delights and distractions Mumbai always has on offer – not such a bad thing. 🙂

As for the blog, this quarter hit some cool milestones: (more…)

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