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Two steps forward, One step back… mutual funds address follies continue…

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In our intrepid heroines continued adventures to update her address with various authorities, kahani main aaya nai twist! (in the story, comes a new twist!)

Just as I submitted the 3rd address update – nearly one year after the process began – I was informed that apparently the begging, pleading, persistence and head-bashing at the illogical logic lead to someone somewhere deciding they actually DID have enough evidence and instructions to make the changes based on the 2nd application. Huh?!

And lo and behold! Miraculously on 31 Dec 2014 (yeah really!), my address update was accepted, processed by the registrar with instructions sent forth to all mutual fund companies to comply! Just shy of one year of initiating the address updating agony!!

Naturally there was a typo in what was entered in to the mythic ‘system.’ Let me ask… would you like to go to a hospit la for your medical needs?

By an even greater miracle, on being informed of the typo, the same sensible soul who finally approved processing the update sent forth a revised instruction to the fund companies to correct it.

By email, the next three weeks witnessed one then two statements reflecting the wonder of all wonders – the correct address! Much rejoicing ensued!

And then a real live physical statement at my doorstop! Will wonders never cease?

But pray tell… what is this?

How on earth did they change the email to the wrong one?!

And that too an email I haven’t used in over 7 years somehow bizarrely linked to a product I purchased only 3 years ago with the correct email ID.

Gadzooks! That would be why none of the other statements reached me by email… because they changed it to the WRONG one… without any instruction?!

After ignoring all my duly completed forms, follow-up communications, etc for nearly a year???


Me thinks our heroine has more head-bashing in her future!

How I feel right now! (Photo: Office clip art)

How I feel right now! (Photo: Office clip art)

Heck… I’ve lived in India long enough to honestly just be amused by the whole thing and will see what twists and turns ensue to get the right email reflected – something actually quite important as it is required to obtain the right documentation to file taxes!

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  1. Awrgh, how frustrating!

    Curious about an email being essential when it comes to filing taxes etc. Surely there are many small businesses in India run by people without computer access…??

  2. thewriteedge says:

    After them finally getting the address correct, do you really want to tempt fate by asking for an email change? :>

  3. expatlingo says:

    What a mess. Just reading about it has given me a headache!

  4. What a wonderful mess. For me only minor mistakes always happened such as writing my name wrong on the ID (well, not too minor that one) or spelling my birthplace wrong in another passport 😀

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