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7th Quarter Summary

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Funny how time zips by when you are doing nearly nothing!

While not strictly true, the 7th Quarter of “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)” was certainly more sedate than previous quarters given it was minus the manic travel and project work.

Now how perfectly Dutch

How perfectly Dutch

This 7th quarter brought:

  • An impromptu trip to Amsterdam, finally adding Europe to all my recent adventures… naturally I’ve had oodles of past ones! 😉
  • Saw LOTS of theatre – some fabulous and some definitely not!
  • Mad marriage marathons in Mumbai… once I’m fully recovered I may share some of the gory details!
  • Oodles of family visitors for the Christmas / New Years season
  • And finally a focus on fitness for the slow journey back to normality post ankle injury – including shuffling along to support Avehi Abacus at the Mumbai Marathon!

Mad New Year's Party in Bangkok

Mad New Year’s Party in Bangkok (2011)

For Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly), this quarter’s top 5 posts were:

  1. Our Christmas Eve Love Story about my partner + I. Clearly folks love a good love story!
  2. Next up was the Sanctuary Asia Awards – Inspiring and humbling affair…
  3. A topic that has troubled me in the current political climate was shared in The majority minority complex – Christmas communalism
  4. Somehow Answering the Annual Update – Personal + Professional seemed to strike a chord too!
  5. And my rant on the insanely bad air quality in India with The good, the bad and the ugly – India’s air pollution exposed by Obama’s visit
20141002_Wolf Blass (576x1024)


There were also a few blogging milestones too:

  • Over 200 posts and counting – yippee!
  • Even better – 2,000 comments – thank you folks!!
  • New ‘top hits’ in a single day for Our Christmas Eve Love Story 
  • Views from 133 countries – yowza!

As for what’s ahead? This quarter I’m planning a couple quick trips within India and contemplating a jaunt to Singapore and Jakarta for meetings to drum up business for my new company… naturally with lots of catching up with fabulous friends too!

As always – thanks for stopping by and love to hear from you!

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  1. Time definitely flies!! I love reading your love story and I loved the fact that it happened on Christmas Eve!

  2. Karolyn Cooper says:

    I’m not competitive about my blog, but…..I’ve just counted my countries, and I only have 120. Anyone reading this from Paraguay, Armenia or Uzbekistan, please go and read Distant Drumlin!

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