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“The dog ate my homework”

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Wouldn’t it be convenient if I could use that excuse? The challenge with going independent is when things go wrong…. they go wrong!

And while a busted ankle isn’t a complete disaster, my immune system also took a beating with a crappy cold then yucky migraine (is there any other kind?).

So what?

Well…. I am in the midst of opening three companies and all are affected plus personal stuff!

1. International (Asia)

The company set-up is on hold as I can’t get around to do any of the “hoop jumping” documentation hopping on one foot! However the work is not faring so badly as I’m not completely on my own here. The project guys are all pitching in to cover the on-site stuff and I’m on top of the balance remotely. The guilt factor probably equates to actually doing MORE than required but all that matters is the client deliverables are not negatively impacted even a smidge by my being incapacitated.

2. Domestic (India)

This new venture is definitely suffering. The company start-up is sputtering at the initial steps. The trial project is already late at the sample stage. And while I was smart enough to enlist support early – this hasn’t quite worked out. No ones fault, just fitment and my levels of concentration and focus are shot. May not be able to pull off a miracle here but not giving up quite yet!

3. Partner Project (Mumbai)

This is the biggie. And yes the details are still “hush hush!’ No progress on company set-up and I’ve done the bare minimum here…  largely watching from the sidelines as our dreams are being dashed by the crippling corruption and obscene obstacles India (and Mumbai specifically) put in the way of attempting to build a legal business. As one local official stated: “It is impossible to obtain all requisite licenses. A fully legit business? It can’t be done!”

4. Personal Front (Home)

Naturally what suffers most is the personal piece. In this case, my original plan was to fly to Canada two weeks from now to join the anniversary celebration of a late night vegetarian café I’d started with friends in Winnipeg 25 years ago – Emma G’s Deluxe Eatery. The bonus was timing the trip to coincide with my sister’s birthday and was sooooo looking forward to seeing family and friends!

In reshuffling things, guess what was the 1st to go? Yup – Canada trip! However, in fairness, if I can go anywhere it needs to be back to tackle on-site client work. Sigh…

Friend's new pup

Friend’s adorable new pup

There remain oodles of ‘up sides’… aside from being pampered silly by my partner, I should be able join the April whisky tasting, catch my partner’s new stage production Jazz and much more!

So while “cabin fever” is scratching at my door, I’m hoping the specialist sez on Friday “Go forth and begin non-weight bearing physio young lass… and commence your journey from one-foot jumping to two-legged hobbling!” OK, he probably won’t say it like that, but you get the message!

No impish puppy dog to blame for my current circumstances. Just need to buckle down and get done what can be done and admit to what can’t, exploring options to get on track or give up to fight another day!

Anyone else pine for the days when a teacher would actually accept your silly excuses??

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  1. I’ve got plenty of silly excuses for not getting on with the tasks at hand. However, in your case, it’s hardly silly!

    I envy your industriousness. Maybe some of it’ll rub off on me…

  2. Shmruthi says:

    Wow, you are amazing! Kudos for your entrepreneurial spirit and good luck with all your ventures. I’m sure this unfortunate spell of events will pass sooon 🙂

  3. Karolyn Cooper says:

    Does blogging help in the setbacks? I hope so. We all wish you well, and you can count the blog itself as a success story.

  4. Tim says:

    You have yourself a plateful that’s for sure. I am assuming you write your blog while sleeping as there does not seem to be any other time. I wish you all the best. Tim

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